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Magic: the Gathering Design

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LOST in Disappointment

I loved LOST. Right from the start. I remember the first time I saw the Pilot episode, I was crashing at a friend’s apartment in NYC after a party they’d hosted. I was set up to sleep on the floor with my then-girlfriend-now-wife right next to his bed, with the

Scientific Skepticism

There are those that claim that “faith in science is just as blind as fundamentalist religious faith.” That statement demonstrates an inherent misunderstanding of how science works. I talked about this is a previous post, but recent events got me thinking about it again. For someone who’s world-view is based

Right Wing Brainwashing?

A friend of mine linked me on facebook to this article with this video: The Brainwashing Of My Dad By Fox, Rush Limbaugh & Hate Media He posted it with the question: “Does anyone else know anybody like this?” Sigh  Of course. Everyone does. But when you take off theTunnel

Truth and Certainty

Every now and then I’ll get in an interesting discussion on Reddit. I decided that rather than let those conversations dissappear into the ether of the internet, never to be read again, I’d copy them here. I don’t know if my words are worth preserving, but I spent a lot